Wednesday, 29 February 2012


All available online at Zara
 Went into Zara yesterday for a quick browse (read: DROOL) and I loved everything, even a leather jacket which isn't usually my thing. I'm really impressed with their Spring range, the colours and styles are beautiful and simple. Here's a few shirts/collared items I eyed up when I was there. I love the loose fit of the polka dot shirt, and the mint colour of the last shirt especially.

Have you been into Zara recently? Favourite items?

Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Polka Dots

Primark shirt, H&M cardigan, BDG jeans, F&F Tesco boots
Decided to throw on some polka dots today, inspired by Clothes Encounters. Please excuse the cheesy grin, I am TRYING desperately to not feel massively awkward getting my photo taken but I think I still need a lot of practice.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Last weekend

WOW I've not blogged in ages! Where has the time gone?

Last weekend I flew down to Brighton to surprise my sister for her birthday. It was bloody hilarious seeing her face as she came home from work and we were all sitting on the stairs in the dark. I started tearing up like a goon cause I was so happy to see her (what am I like?!). It was a great night, I drank a litttttle bit too much and was suffering a bit the next day. Strawberry milkshakes on the beach was the perfect hangover cure and the weather all weekend was amazing.

I'm hoping to blog a lot more now that my Masters assignments aren't quite as full-on. I'd love to do some recipes/cooking things if you guys are interested? Let me know :)