Monday, 29 August 2011

In & Out

  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Technically its 'out' now because it's over but I managed to finally go last Saturday with my brother and check out lots of free acts. Including a burlesque Inspector Gadget (oh-er). 
  • Autumn. I think we have skipped September and gone straight into October in Glasgow..brr.. I do like Autumn though in terms of fashion. I'll take Louis Vuitton dominatrix over flowerly boho maxi crap any day!
  • Reading One Day and I love it. Recommend any similar books below please :)
  • Junk food. Got to start eating healthy. Want to make Green monster smoothie (
  • Harem pants. I've been wearing them around the house now for days. Today is the last day, otherwise it won't be long till I'm heading down the shops in my pjs and dressing gown..

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Clinique and Clarins

I'm going to start this post by firstly explaining my current situation. I've just graduated and am now currently unemployed (like about 5 million other graduates). People always joke that students are skint and have to eat beans etc. Looking back student life was pretty sweet- nice little student loan payments and discounts everywhere. So now I am being more careful with my money and when I see any freebies in magazines I practically cry with joy (perhaps slight exaggeration there..). Boots sent me a nice little card to bring into Clinique for a 5-day supply of foundation so I brought that into town with me today. The lady at the counter (what is the official name?) was really nice and took one look at my skin and recommended the 'Anti-blemish' foundation (more on my awful skin later). I used to use Clinique all the time and went completely off it when I realised how harsh it is, especially the 3-step plan (I'm sure you can take nail polish off with the toner). But I'll try it out and do a review.

I also got a Clarins card free with Glamour magazine that gives you a sample of their Instant Definition Mascara. While I was there the lady at the counter (again.. what is the right name?) gave me a consultation and was recommending the 'Daily Energizer' range. Obviously I wasn't going to just buy everything and she gave me samples so I may think about it (waiting for the job again). So I'll try the 5ml Daily Energizer Lotion and the Cream-Gel and write a review later. The products do smell amazing and we'll see if it lives up to the description- 'Hydration, freshness, healthy glow'.

We live in hard times where unemployment is high and I am trying to budget wisely. So a generous foundation sample, mascara and two moisturisers for free will do nicely :) 

Saturday, 20 August 2011

If I had money...

I would buy this NOW.

I have become completely obsessed with Miss Dior Cherie, after my sister let me use it for her wedding (which was the most amazing, magical day ever by the way). It smells so fresh and delicious, I shall beg the boyf to buy it for our anniversary. I will have to hold out till Oct, or get a job... which I am working on...

If you had money to splurge in Boots what would you buy?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Crabtree & Evelyn hand therapy

This was my freebie for spending £30, a 50g hand cream. I wouldn't normally buy anything from Crabtree and Evelyn (bit of an old lady/posh brand), but this is really nice. Smells really nice and works a treat! Also really like the old fashioned tube. That's the last Crabtree and Evelyn product- I swear!

Crabtree & Evelyn lip butter

Popped into Crabtree and Evelyn a few days ago to get my mum a birthday present. They had an offer on to get a freebie when you spent £30 so I just quickly grabbed this lip butter without much thought. I've always been a sucker for lip products (currently have about ten thousand lying at the bottom of my handbag) but I must say this one is really lovely.

It feels very nourishing on your lips, leaves a gorgeous shine and tastes really nice (I decided on the citron creme and honey formula). I think it's going to be my favourite when it comes to dry winter lips.


Welcome to jumpers & jam! A blog which will be selfishly filled with all the things I like- fashion, food and beauty reviews. That's a picture of me in Berlin last summer (before I accidentally crashed into my sister..). 

Any comments would be appreciated :)