Monday, 5 December 2011

art exhibition

*Dress is showing up a lot brighter in pictures-sorry*

(Pins & Needles dress-showing up brighter in pic, Kelly Framel necklace, vintage snakeskin clutch, Primark boots)

One of my friends works at a gallery and invited me along to an exhibition they were having. So i pictured a gorgeous gallery with people dressed up. I hadn't a clue what people wore and thought this outfit would be alright. Turns out the place was not what I imagined (it was a dive) and it was so freezing cold that I didn't take off my coat all night. Unfortunately it was the kind of art that I will never understand. The key 'piece' of the night was a pile of plywood...


  1. love the dress!

  2. thanks :) just checked out your blog and ive subscribed xx