Thursday, 20 October 2011

Bad blogger

Hi so I haven't posted in absolutely ages! My life has been a bit chaotic since I've started doing my masters but I want to get back into blogging and hopefully taking lots more photos and videos.

I have a new idea for my blog. Basically I have to stop spending money on clothes/makeup/etc. So I thought I would have a really good look at my wardrobe and try to get more creative. I'm hoping I'll dig out things I haven't worn in ages and come up with new outfit ideas.

So starting now no more frivolous clothes shopping! Obviously I will need to sometimes buy a few bits and pieces- underwear, tights, etc. I am also going to have a charity shop loophole of some sort where I can buy something if it's super cheap and I love it.

Wish me luck! Outfit posts coming soon...

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