Tuesday, 3 April 2012


Love these horseshoes at the cottage

 Recently I've been feeling a bit 'meh' and stressed out. I know doing this masters is important but it's been hard for me doing assignments and planning another dissertation all over again after finishing a four year undergrad... ANYWAY enough about that! I decided to go home for a few days, see my parents and relax. I really tried to avoid emails and TV which wasn't hard since the weather was really amazing.

New jumper- George at ASDA

 We went to my parents cottage in Donegal after I landed and I love it there. I managed to squeeze in loads and finally seemed to unwind after reading in the bath.

Beach near the cottage

 I also got to catch up with my best friend from home, which always leads to us reminiscing about the old days. We found an old 2003 Sum41 calendar (we were obsessed) which I had marked with little symbols. There was a sad face when I got dumped on April Fool's day (yeah what an asshole, plus he was like 4 foot tall!), and other random embarrassing things. Let's just say of the whole 12 guys I've kissed, I think 2003 was THE YEAR. We also went to the Grange, which was a nauseating blast from the past. Let me just explain this for a second. OK so the Grange was basically the place you went when you were 15 to pre-drink before Molly's (which is a whole other story). We also spent all damn day there on Saturdays, just aimlessly walking around hoping to see some boys. So when we went there the other day we couldn't stop laughing because it was all exactly the same and all the cringey memories came flooding back.

Gortin Glens

 Of course you couldn't have a trip to Omagh without a hike up Gortin Glens (if you haven't guessed it already there isn't a lot to do there) and Brunch ice-cream. I hope you guys liked this kind of post- I hope it wasn't too boring! For more information on the cottage click here.
The Cottage

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