Saturday, 21 April 2012

"Oh but it was on offer"

 Here's a story as old as time itself...

So the other day I was 'popping' into Boots to pick up a hair colour. Boots is kind of my Mecca. If I've had a shit day Boots is like therapy for me (god I sound insane). ANYWAY.... as I entered Boots I reminded myself that I am on a STRICT BUDGET, I was only there to grab a colour and leave. Oh but I'll have a little browse... just a little look. I wandered over to the L'oreal counter where the new Rouge Caresse lipsticks are. There it was. A bright red sign "2 for £14"... shit. Before I know it I'm grabbing the lipstick and a mascara and heading over to the till.

L'oreal Rouge Caresse in 03 Lovely Rose, normally £7.99 from Boots
 I went for a pretty safe option, convincing myself that it was probably the one I'd get most use of. It is a really nice pink. I like to think it's a bit 60's, I had an image of Betty Draper in my head. I'm sure she wore a pink like this in one episode (tried 'Googling' it but I couldn't find it). Alas, a make-up-look mirage. The texture is really nice and exactly what I wanted for Spring. It also has a nice subtle scent that oddly reminds me of something from my childhood. If I pluck up the courage to do a 'face of the day' I'll feature this.

So, whats the moral of the story? Well... I can't keep to a budget. I excitedly told my boyfriend about my purchases, defending myself- "it was on offer!".. Maybe that's the moral, I am a SAP when it comes to offers. They've got me!

Oh and I totally want this one next...

I thought it was 'cheeky magenta' but now Google has confused me again... is it?

Oh and I bought a mascara, but I haven't opened it yet since I'm using a Clinique one up at the minute. Decided to try the Telescopic one after Anna's review here.

What do you guys think of these products? Have you tried the Rouge Caresse lipsticks yet? Let me know in the comments below!

Sarah xoxo

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