Monday, 30 April 2012


 The lovely people from Pure Fresh Tea sent me some tea to try. So this post is a little different for me but when I started Jumpers & Jam I wanted to write about everything that interested me, not just make up and clothes. So today's post is the first of the 'Jam' (food-and-drink-related-posts). The first thing I thought when I opened the package was "oh cute little boxes!".. I am a sucker for packaging.
 What Pure Fresh Tea say:

"This collection consists of the highest quality organic tea, presented in biodegradeable organza bags, individually hand-wrapped in a distinctive white box to retain freshness. The subtle flavours in each blend are derived from organic fruit pieces, flowers and herbs (where used)."

My verdict:

This is some seriously fancy tea. After the initial impression that the boxes looked great, I thought that maybe it was quite wasteful- packaging-wise. But after checking their website you can order from the Black Line which doesn't include the little boxes, or you can order refills. I think that the White Line tea would make a great gift for a tea lover, or you could order a selection for times when you have guests over. 

So on to the important bit..the flavour! I really enjoyed sampling these teas, they are gorgeous flavours and taste quite luxurious indeed. They are packed with flavour, with one bag being enough for a nice pot of tea. The samples couldn't have come at a better time as I'm cutting out milk from my diet, and I really enjoyed drinking herbal teas. My favourite was the Natural mint which was really refreshing and I absolutely love the taste of peppermint. The other two (Golden Chamomile and Black Lavender) were lovely relaxing blends which I've appreciated for my Masters' stress!

I had to take a picture of the tea itself.. I was really impressed that you can really see the fruit pieces/flowers/herbs in each bag depending on the blend (am I easily impressed?)...

I really want to try more of their blends... the Rosehip one sounds amazing!

Pure Fresh Tea can be purchased online here

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